"The easiest way to describe Austin-based Leach's sound is 'like TV On The Radio took a bunch of acid.'" (Indie Shuffle)

When Stuart Leach was home alone one afternoon at the age of eleven, he sat down at the piano to write his first song and hasn't looked back. Now you can find the 22-year-old college student hunkered down in his apartment in Austin, still writing songs.

In 2015, Leach released Kokedama, a seven song mini-album and a step in a new direction for the young artist. As one reviewer described it, Leach "not only [has] a fantastic, standout voice, but his production is surprisingly just as good. On his latest project, Kokedama, we find all of these quality traits coming together, and we've no doubts that you're going to love what music he's created here." (HillydillyAs another reviewer put it, "The sound is casual but deep, invigorating in its emotional frankness yet not so serious that it can't get playful[...]" (Ovrld). 

On March 15, Leach released Millennial Spirituals, an album conceived of during a week-long stay in a desert monastery. Leach describes the mini-album as “an exercise in devotion—to romantic love, to a departed friend, to an idealized future.” (Ovrld) The album hops between genres more than his earlier work, and is a “more intimate peek at [Leach’s] ambitions.” Sonically, the album ranges from club-thumping indie hooks in “Superego” to the folktronic gospel sensibilities of “Bad Luck," a song which "has a calm reverie you might expect from an artist twice his age." (The Revue)

 He is moving to Brooklyn in July.

“Prepare to have Leach becoming a new artist that you hold in a higher regard than most.” (Hillydilly)